The country doctor has to pay back 250,000 euros, because it treated too many patients

Kyra Ludwig neurologist in the country is in the Saxon town of Seifhennersdorf. Actually good news, because the country is known to be hands searched desperately Doctors. Too many patients, too few Doctors. Ludwig has, accordingly, many at for the treatment. Might you are now in the bankruptcy.

Kyra Ludwig to pay around 250,000 Euro fee to the kassenärztliche Vereinigung Sachsen (KVS) back – because it treated too many patients. The “image” reported. Around 1700 patients are expected to be per quarter have been, instead of the usual 1000.

It was noticed, the since 2011, practicing Doctor by a so-called Plausibility check. The KVS then checks whether the billed services can be provided in time at all. “For four years, none of what was said. You made me into the open knife run. I feel criminalized,“ says Ludwig. Now you have to pay back a quarter of a million euros, “because I treated between 2012 and 2015, to many patients,” says Ludwig to the “image”.

Insolvency threatens

Other Doctors in the area from the meadows to the mentioned time patients, because they were “full”. The Ludwig now. Against the recovery, she complains in front of the Dresden social court. Court spokeswoman Friederike von Wedel to the “picture”: “An oral hearing is not currently scheduled.” For the neurologist it comes to their existence: “the failure of the agreement, I go into insolvency.”

Ludwig’s patients have no understanding for the decision of the KVS. Patient Anja Noack said, “image”: “Someone has to treat the sick people here in the Region. I don’t know what we would do without you.“ Andreas Hildebrand, also a Patient with Ludwig, is of the same opinion: “There is no Alternative. All the Doctors in the area are either retired or do not take on more patients.“

Improvement in sight

In the future, these audits and Reviews should go faster. Federal Minister of health, Jens Spahn, has brought a law that was already adopted, according to which such settlements, which must be checked by Mrs Ludwig faster. But that won’t help the neurologist probably.

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