The Federal government and the Länder agree on a concept for a gradual Kita-Opening

The family Minister of the Federation and the länder, in the Corona-crisis for a “gentle” re-entry in the child day care services in four phases. The Ministry of Federal Minister for family Affairs Franziska Giffey (SPD) said on Tuesday.

The recommendation was, “in the coming weeks and months, training and development, psychological reasons,” a re – entry – a specific target date for the resumption of the nursery operation, but was not called. The four phases include the latest emergency care, advanced emergency care, a limited control operation and the return to normal operation.

Decision only on 6. May expected

The decision will be included in the deliberations of the German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) with the Prime Minister this Thursday. Far-reaching decisions are expected to be in the conversation, but only in a further round at 6. May. Ultimately, the decision lies with the individual Federal States and municipalities.

Many parents of small children feel currently the policy is left alone, because, although shops and schools re-open, but there is at day-care centres and kindergartens still have no perspective on the emergency care is also. Notbetreut are children whose parents are urgently needed in the workplace, such as in the health sector. The emergency care was most recently been expanded in many countries for example Single parent families.

Living in the smallest space

On 64 square meters with two children – the Tricks, the works

The Ministers also propose to review the Opening of playgrounds and to pull the permit “family Care” into consideration in order to allow children to have social contacts and to relieve their parents.

Giffey called the decision an “important and good Signal” for families. “The families expect timely, more specific statements about when the next steps can be done,” she said.

The ultimate objective was unchanged, to slow the spread of the Coronavirus and infection chains break, to prevent severe courses of the disease, and not to overwhelm the health care system, – stated in the message. “Nevertheless, the interests of the children, especially the small children, and the needs of the parents must be taken into account more.” The Ministers agreed “that the present restrictions constitute a severe incision for the children.”

Each step for two weeks to watch

Specifically, the Ministers recommend to watch after each extension step for at least two weeks for the infection to happen before another step is taken. The Opening should be accompanied by “wide-scale studies” that take not only medical, but also social questions in the view. Giffeys Ministry to be designated by the Robert-Koch-Institute and the German youth Institute.


So many children in Germany go to nursery

Special attention is therefore children whose care of a child of Green is required, the need of a special-needs and pre-school children. Because the otherwise recommended spacing rules in the work with small children not to be feasible, should this be through hygiene plans and cleaning and disinfection plans” as good as possible, offset.

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