The hope on immunity: Corona antibodies, even after months, still active

You can see in the Video: study raises hopes for several months, Corona-immunity.

Corona-patients can be prevented according to a study, in many cases, permanently so many antibodies that re-infection with the Virus probably. This was the result of an, as yet unpublished, study of 327 Covid-19-patients in the Chinese city of Wuhan, which belong to the world’s first infected people.

More than 80 percent of patients six months after their disease is still biologically active antibodies have been shown to be able to make the Virus harmless.

In the study of the German-Chinese joint lab in Wuhan were involved in addition to Chinese experts, three virologists from food. The results of the investigation will be submitted in the next few days, a trade magazine for review.

In the past few weeks, investigations were known, which had sustained the hope for a long-lasting immunity, and thus a long effectiveness of a possible vaccine attenuated.

In particular, after encouraging interim results, with first Corona vaccines, many researchers see this as still the most powerful future weapon against the disease.