The message of the stones: Young, sporty and sick

He had played on the tennis court, now he was sitting in the emergency room of a hospital: The man, the beginning of 40, writhed in pain – they moved from the lower abdomen to the thigh. Had hurt the man possibly playing tennis? Nothing indicated. He was dragged, nor a little bruised, or broken.

The Suffering of the man came from the inside: A ureteral stone was left on the road in the direction of bubble stuck to and tormented the man. Such mineral stones occur primarily in older people who drink too little, which favors the crystallization of the stones.

The man quickly helped: He gets antispasmodic agent administered, and the stone is shattered using a shock wave device. The pain will disappear.

However, two years later a stone again on the way in the direction of the bladder and gets stuck. The Doctors are suspicious For recurrent ureteral stones, the man is too young. Finally, a doctor’s surgery in a place that is located far from the center of the pain away and solves the Problem.

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