The wife of a customer is in need of a new kidney, a cashier offers spontaneously of their own

Eddie Drummond a regular customer in a supermarket in Alabama. Every Morning before he goes to the shipyard of his work in a ship on the Mississippi, he stops at the Store to get a vigorous Breakfast. It is the only place in the morning at this time of day a hot Breakfast is served. Mashed potatoes, eggs, sausage or bacon, a glass of orange juice, this is Eddie’s daily Routine. The man behind the counter of the Hot-food stand, knows him, and also the cashier Leilani Aguirre Crocker, he is a downright friendly relationship.

One Morning, the 53-Year-old stood with his Breakfast of Crackers cashier, when she looked at him that something was wrong. When she asked him what was wrong, the ante he were adjusted, that his wife was regularly on dialysis, and now in urgent need of a new kidney customs. Unfortunately, no suitable donor has been found for you and it would is now time.

Then a small miracle happened

The 40-Year-old did not hesitate for long. Although she was met Eddie’s wife, Donnie never, personally, knew what to do. “I could not imagine how it is,” she told the US news magazine “Good Morning America” about the artificial blood wash, “but if I were affected, I would wish that someone helps me.” So she said to Eddie that his wife could have one of your kidneys. You made no joke, the notion of a concerned husband, as she added to his health insurance should have to say about it.

Donnie Drummond, 53, was already three years ago, a kidney failure is diagnosed and Crockers offer was a gift from the heavens. Only a day before, her Pastor had prayed for that they may find a suitable kidney. Crocker, she met only months later, when they came to the house of the Drummonds, and after Eddie asked. Donnie didn’t know who was standing there in front of your door-to-door, to Eddie and Crocker surprised you with the news that Crocker had a suitable donor kidney for you. The Moment of revelation they kept with the video camera, it is to be seen in the report from ABC News (below).

It is an intense friendship was born

Donnie is sure that your prayers have been answered for a miracle. Up to the time of surgery in February, it will take a little, but Donnie and Eddie are already spending a lot of time with Crocker and her husband. The couples meet for dinner and go together to the Church. The necessary Tests for the SURGERY, the women already have. For Crocker, who is the mother of four children, and a veteran of the army, their reaction was a matter of course. “Not many people would do that, but I don’t understand why,” she told the station. “Something in me tells me it’s the right thing to do. The ways of the Lord are inscrutable.”

While Crocker has been married to her husband, are Eddie and Donnie Drummond already for 32 years, a man and a woman. Thanks to the generous help of the cashier, you will stay there and now hopefully for a long time.

Source: “Good Morning America” at ABC News