This top doctor is calling for: Remains at home, until we can treat you for sure! Every day counts!

The end of the Corona pandemic is not yet in sight. While the number of infections continues to rise, it is increasingly a debate over easing of exit restrictions. For Thomas Complained to a fatal Signal. The anesthesiologist treated at a hospital in Bremen the day-to-day seriously ill Covid-19-patients. He and his colleagues in the fight against the Coronavirus at the forefront. However, you are at the mercy of the disease without protection. In an urgent appeal by the medical professionals is aimed at the population and calls: at home, at least until the Doctors and nursing staff at least adequate protective equipment is available.

A personal appeal from Dr. med. Thomas Dam:

It is a bitter. It is frustrating. And it makes me angry. We, who work every day in the clinics have to fear for their own health and even our lives. Simply, because we get no appropriate protective equipment.

Senior physician at the clinic for anesthesia and intensive care medicine, Bremen, Germany. Specialist in anesthesia and special anaesthesiological intensive care medicine.

We fear for our families. Because we need to prepare masks that are not approved by the manufacturers definitely not for multiple use, on a hair-raising kind, and re-use. Because we can not protect our eyes sufficient, as there are no adequate face protection.

In the press we read the names of colleagues who died in the fight against Corona. And meanwhile, it is reported in the media about possible Disarm of the contact restrictions at the junctions. It is not clinically active representatives of theoretical medicine (Virology, epidemiology) are cited that discuss about the sense and nonsense of restrictions. Or it is reported lost or, more precisely, not earned money on fancy air travel complaints.

For us as a clinically active specialist staff but there is only one solution: no easing of restrictions until sufficient Material is to be our protection! Every single day, you stay at home, help us! Every single day gives us time to get the required protective equipment. Because sick or dead medical personnel can’t help anyone!

This is the bitter truth. Our hospitals are due to the lack of equipment to main distribution sites of the Coronavirus. The first houses in Wolfsburg and Munich were already closed. And this is not surprising, but the already under-strength staff with no hair protection, with non-adequate eye and probably a defective respiratory protection the insulating stations enter must.

Antibodies, Vaccination, Therapy

When you are immune against the Coronavirus?

It is absurd. But even the shower caps that are now useless in the Hotels, are more effective than the head covers, which are available to us. Because at least water impermeable, in contrast to the use of our equipment. If the Hotels could bring to donate their shower caps, would have helped us in the past. But there happens to be little

The production of protection means to be running though. And the competent colleagues in the hospitals do their utmost to provide us with it. But it will take time. The heartfelt appeal so Remains at home until we can treat you for sure! Every single day counts! Every single day that no Patient comes to a hospital, where the nurses and Doctors will need to use your mask again and again, is a day won!

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