Tips to prevent circulatory problems in the heat

In the coming days it will be hot again: this week, temperatures are expected to climb in the whole of Germany. The heat is getting to many people on the circulatory system – dizziness and headache can be the result. What helps, says pharmacist Ursula Funke, Wiesbaden.

High temperatures are a burden for the circulation: So that the body can dissipate heat better, dilate the blood vessels, and the blood pressure drops. Many people react with dizziness, malaise, headache, and Nausea. In the case of acute vertigo Sufferers can have the legs &ndash store; this stimulates the circulation again. Also slight salty foods have a positive effect on the circulatory system.

A fast and effective help with circulatory problems: Any Form of movement, such as squats, advises Apothecary spark. At high summer temperatures, however, it was better to kick back, to avoid the midday heat if possible and relocate Sport in the early hours of the morning or the evening.

In addition, spark advises to drink at least 1.5 liters of fluid per day, preferably water, juice spritzers, or tea. In extreme heat or exercise, there may be more. Because of fluid loss, for example, through sweating must be compensated for throughout the day distributed. Thirst is a warning signal and points to an existing lack of fluids.

Ice cold drinks are not recommended in the heat of the Other: cool the body better, even the opposite is the case. The cold liquid must be at body temperature, which claimed the metabolism and brings the body sweat even more.


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