Type 2 Diabetes: bacteria as a cause?

Researchers in the blood and tissue samples of type 2 diabetes genes found genetic Material from other bacteria than those without Diabetes. The bacteria were most likely from the intestine, like the scientists in the journal "Nature Metabolism" reports.

In the blood, liver and abdominal fat of 40 severely obese patients who had undergone a stomach reduction and half to type-2 Diabetes and suffered, have found canadian scientists genetic Material from other species of bacteria than in Non-diabetics: researchers have, for each tissue a bacterial "Signatur" determined, the difference between diabetics and Non-diabetics.

"Our results suggest that in people with severe obesity bacteria or their fragments with the development of type 2 Diabetes zusammenhängen", Director of studies Professor André of Youth, of the medical faculty of the University of Laval in France, says. The tissue-proven bacterial genetic Material was most likely from the intestines.

Obesity makes the intestinal barrier durchläcasual

"We know that the gut barrier in obese patients permeable. Our hypothesis is that living bacteria exceed this barrier and an inflammatory process can trigger that prevents in the end, that Insulin erfüllt&quot his task;, Youth explained.

Soon, the researchers want to clarify whether the in the liver and the abdominal fat found bacteria are also overweight or less obese people, and whether the findings in animals to understand try. They also hope to discover useful species of bacteria, which can prevent the development of the disease.