Ultrasound can listen to the device diseases

U.S. researchers of an ultrasound device developed, with the slightest changes in a tissue can be detected. Similar to the search for tiny damage in the wings of the aircraft so that tissue changes in cancer or lung disease should be followed by the propagation of ultrasonic waves is analyzed in the tissue.

The engineers of Purdue University in West Lafayette, has developed a device to measure the stiffness of tissues, without damaging them. Changes in these so-called extra-cellular Matrix, in which the body cells are embedded, can show the Penetration of cancer cells or pathological stiffening of the tissue.

"There are an ultrasonic wave, which propagates through the Material, and a receiver on the other side. The way how the wave propagates, can show whether there is damage or Defects to beeinflussen&quot without the Material itself;, explained to Rahim Rahimi, a Professor of materials engineering in the laboratory of innovative materials and biomedical devices developed.

Previously you could not measure changes in the extracellular Matrix without destroying them. The researchers have demonstrated with your device on cancer cells in a Hydrogel that these measurements will work. Now you can optimize your measurements for collagen-containing samples, similar to the human connective tissue. With your "Lab on a Chip" the researchers hope to be able to several different aspects of a disease at the same time.