US police are looking for the girl who wants people to deliberately infect with COVID-19

“If you want to be infected with the Coronavirus, give me a call.”

The police of Carrollton in the U.S. state of Texas are searching for this 18-Year-olds.

Lorraine M. claims in a Snapchat Video that she was infected with the Coronavirus, and that it is their aim as many people as possible to infect.

“I’m here at Walmart, and I will plug in every ass. If I go under, go under your bum, too!” – Lorraine M., Snapchat

The authorities are taking the Video very seriously and consider it as a “terrorist threat”.

Whether M. is, in fact, infected with the Coronavirus, is not confirmed, according to police.

Nevertheless, alone the release of the Videos could have serious consequences.

In Texas, a fine of up to $ 10,000 or imprisonment of up to 10 years, is on the “terrorist threat”.