Why coffee causes bad breath and what you can do about that – Video

Coffee often leads to mouth odor. Why the popular hot drink, bad breath causes and what you can do about it, explains the dentist Markus Felber.

Whoever drinks of the day are several cups of coffee, frequent mouth odor. Because the Stimulant drink causes unpleasant breath. Why this is so and what you can do about it, explains the dentist Markus Felber.

Bacteria in the mouth are to blame

About 90 percent of the causes for the foul odor coming from the oral cavity itself. Felber explains, “There are the ingredients of the coffee bean that cause the bad smell. Rather, it is produced by bacteria in our mouth metabolize the coffee. These metabolic products are what we perceive as an odor.“

The bacteria grow preferably in the spaces between the teeth and on the back of the tongue. They decompose food residues and dead cells. This sulfur substances that cause bad breath, and also Halitosis. The high acid and caffeine percentage of coffee is to blame. Because these substances dry out the Oral cavity and inhibit the flow of saliva. This usually does the cleaning of the Oral cavity. This favors the growth of sulfur producing bacteria.

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The fastest way to get rid of bad breath chewing gum helps

Who drinks his coffee with milk, promote, as appropriate, to the bad breath. Felber says, “I can’t imagine that milk increases the Halitosis. Because if lactic acid is metabolized, it creates smell.“

The unpleasant odor you can, but gently in the opposite. Felber explains ,”The fastest way to a sugar-free chewing gum or a mint for the breath help. Because the Chewing and Sucking provokes an increased flow of saliva.“ Also helpful is to drink a lot of water. Through regular cleaning teeth, Applying dental floss and Clean the tongue, you can help prevent mouth odor.