Woman's Botched Lip Filler Incident Goes Viral: 'I Almost Lost My Top Lip'

Thanks in part to Kylie Jenner's plump pout, there's been a definite uptick in the number of social media influencers getting lip filler and then showing off their own artificially enhanced lips. 

Cassidy Valentine was one of the influencers who decided to try out this beauty trend. Unfortunately for this UK-based vlogger, the filler she had injected into her lips at a local salon triggered a terrifying reaction that almost made her lose her top lip permanently.

“My lip got bigger and bigger by the hour, the right side was massive,” Valentine said in her vlog as she recounted the experience. To find out what was going on, she called the estheticians at the salon, who assured her that the swelling was normal.

But the swelling continued, and Valentine was getting really worried. So she reached out to medical experts from a nearby clinic. After sending them an image of her lips, they told her to rush over for examination. Turned out that the artery in her top lip was blocked, and blood flow to her lip had decreased so much, the tissue was in danger of dying.

Medical staff at the clinic she visited injected a dissolving agent into her lip that would unblock the lip artery and get blood flowing again. In the nick of time, the dissolving agent worked.

“My lip was literally hours from falling off,” she said.  

Valentine documented the entire saga for her 280,000 YouTube subscribers. “I wanted to make this video to make people aware of the real dangers of lip fillers,” she explained. "I am glad this happened to me so I can use my platform to tell other people about it.”

Valentine has been open on social media about her mental health problems and battle with alopecia, which drove her to try the lip filler. “I was in a bad place in my mind and I was seeing all these beautiful girls on Instagram and I wanted to look like that, but before I was absolutely fine,” she said.

Valentine cried for days after the procedure. “I know I act all normal and happy on video, but this is the reality of what it has done to me. And I wasn’t even the worst case,” she said. “I did something very stupid and I learned my lesson.”

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