Women do not like men who are easy to seduce

What Tricks men to kill women, is relatively well studied. But the psychological tricks of the trade, the men and women to apply, are less obvious. Now, psychologists have tested for the first Time the Flirt tactics women.

Just like men women to recognize indications of when a potential Partner is to seduce easily, manipulate, mislead or put pressure on it. Unlike men, women do not feel this, but as attractive or stimulating. Instead, women are attracted by good-looking, intelligent and flirtatious men. The psychologist, Dr. Lora Adair from Brunel University London said: "Women do not feel attracted to men, which is easy to manipulate or to deceive seem. They felt rather out of health, and interest in your Person attracted."

Also women to turn Tricks in order to Mämen to verfüdo

In addition, the researchers have investigated whether and how women exploit men to satisfy their sexual needs. "We have found that women with the opportunity for the sexual exploitation of women is also erkennen", Adair said. And just like men they have a whole Arsenal of strategies at the ready: the optimal design of their appearance to the Decrease of (marriage)rings, lying about your salary, your Job or your age are crafty, both sexes, when it comes to get a man under false pretenses to bed.

For the study, 151 young student have reviewed the interior 110 photos of men to determine how attractive the men in terms of a short-term – for casual sex – or long-term relationship and for how easy it felt, to seduce you.