Worldwide, more than half a Million Coronavirus-cases – USA is the country with the most Infected

Worldwide have been infected according to the American experts, already more than half a Million people confirmed with the Coronavirus. In the case of more than 510.000 people around the globe, such an infection is confirmed, as is clear from an Overview of the American Johns Hopkins University on Thursday shows. Some 23,000 people died, therefore, in the meantime, the detection of novel lung disease Covid-19. The Virus spread last rapidly: The number of the world’s known infections had been broken, according to the US University only on Saturday the 300,000 mark, on Tuesday, the mark of 400,000.

The website of the U.S. researchers will be regularly updated with incoming data and, therefore, shows in General a higher level than the official Figures of the world health organization (WHO).

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According to the latest Figures, the U.S. is now the country with the most infections worldwide and have replaced China. Thus are confirmed in the United States 82.404 infections, which is almost a doubling compared to the start of the week.

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The pandemic had broken out at the end of last year in China and had spread from there worldwide. The number of reported infections in China is currently nearly 82,000 cases, the spread of the Virus is slowing, however, in the meantime, out. China has recorded after the preparation of the U.S. experts about 3300 people killed by the Virus.

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