15 Vegan Desserts Your Kids Will Love

From an influx of vegan-friendly foods and an increased variety of meat alternatives, 2019 was the year veganism went mainstream — and for good reason. According to the report “Top Trends in Prepared Foods 2017” published in June 2017, the number of vegans in America grew by 600 percent from…

Learning is optimized when we fail 15% of the time

To learn new things, we must sometimes fail. But what’s the right amount of failure? New research led by the University of Arizona proposes a mathematical answer to that question. Educators and educational scholars have long recognized that there is something of a “sweet spot” when it comes to learning….

Blood test could diagnose concussion in just 15 minutes

Blood test could diagnose concussion in just 15 minutes by picking up proteins released by dying brain cells Currently brain injuries like concussion have to be diagnosed using CT scans The new way of testing would allow people access to proper treatment sooner It successfully identified 64 per cent of…

15 Tips for Curing Afternoon Fatigue

Feel like you’re bound to crash midway through your workday no matter what? Fear not — there are ways to keep yourself from hitting the wall before the workday is over. With help from Reader’s Digest and Greatist.com, we take a look at 15 tips for curing afternoon fatigue. 1….

15 Medical Reasons Why You're Always Cold

It’s one of the most uncomfortable feelings you can deal with. No matter what you do, you just can’t stop feeling cold. Maybe it’s icy fingers, maybe it’s cold prickly feet. As it turns out, there are many reasons why your extremities may constantly feel like they’re stuck in the…