Big Spike Seen in COVID Cases Among Kids

TUESDAY, Nov. 3, 2020 — COVID-19 is surging among America’s children, according to leading medical groups. As of Oct. 29, more than 853,000 children in the United States had tested positive for the virus since the pandemic began — 200,000 of them in October alone. In the week ending Oct….

Study: Big brains allow dexterous hands

People are skilled with their hands, but take a long time to learn dexterous abilities. It takes babies generally around five months before they can purposely grip an object. Learning more complicated skills such as eating with fork and knife or tying shoelaces can take another five to six years….

What I Learned Training With a Big Stick.

The trainer really wants me to stick it to the stick. My entire body is straining and stretching as I fight to push it together, lats flexing and shoulders loosening with each attempt. “Now, imagine you’re trying to pull the stick apart using 80 percent of your max grip strength,”…